Thursday, May 17, 2012

Best Animated Character - Chernabog

It is simply no secret that Chernabog the demon from "Night on Bald Mountain" is possibly the most powerful performance in animation to this date. Bill Tytla is my all time favorite animator. I chose to do Chernabog not because he is the most complex or well developed character, but because he is ANIMATED the best. The artistry and passion that went into Tytla's finest performance at the Disney studio is something I am sure I will never fully understand. I worked with my friend Chelsea Traynor on this piece of good ol' Chernabog. I did the orignal line work of the drawing and the initial coloring, Chel came in and helped with lighting it better. Chel is an animation student at SAIC and if you aren't familiar with her work here is a link to some of her stuff:

I had to include some of Bill's work on Chernabog as well. Just cause I love his work so much! Below are some frames from his original drawings!

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